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Past Escapades of Crew West Inc.

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Super Bowl Week 2015

The Super Bowl was in Arizona in 2015 and Crew West covered the festivities from every angle. During this crazy week we tapped our local pool of freelancers and brought in crew and trucks from across the country.

Cardinals Offseason

Crew West spent 4 days with the Arizona Cardinals during their offseason. We were all over their training facility covering everything from OTAs outside in 105 degree heat, to shooting high frame-rate slow-motion promotional shots. We had 2 full mobile studios with green screen setups, one for CBS\'s NFL Today and one for NBC\'s Sunday Night Football. We also had another full mobile studio for CBS with a black screen for their high speed full sensor shots. It was a lot of hard work, both physical and mental, but everyone was happy in the end. And we even found a way to have a little fun

Crew West at NBC Universal

Crew West was in Los Angles and made a stop by the new NBC Newsroom at Universal Studios in Universal City. It was a good chance to catch up with old friends and check out the sound stages and studios, where the \"magic\" happens!

ESPN Spring Training Bus Tour 2014

ESPN began its 4th annual tour of baseball spring training in the Cactus League. Crew West and Sat West traveled all over the Phoenix area covering 7 teams with a different team each day. Every moring before sunrise we built the Baseball Tonight desk for live shots with analysts Karl Ravich, John Kruk and Tim Kurkjian, along with interviews with players and coaches. Teams on the tour included the Angels, Giants, Dodgers, A\'s, Rangers, Mariners and Reds.

Crew West back in Las Vegas

Crew West and Sat West return to Las Vegas, this time for sports. We teamed up with ESPN to bring you live coverage of the NBA Summer League from UNLV\'s Thomas and Mack Center. CW Vice President Dustin Farrell was lead director of photography and Mark McKay provided the uplink from our satellite truck as Crew West did its second full service live set production in as many months.

Crew West in Las Vegas

Crew West and Sat West were on hand for the SALT Conference at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas where all of the world\'s top hedge fund managers were holding their annual meeting. A 6 person, 3 camera crew plus a satellite uplink and truck were in use for Bloomberg TV while we did 3 full days of interviews and live hits. Also in action was our new state-of-the-art motion control dolly system which made our on-air production really stand out against the competition.

Content Producer Convention in Cannes

Our Project Development Manager, Les Rogers, represented Crew West at the global television content event in Cannes, France, known as Miptv. After meeting some of our important clients, Les pitched our time-lapse photography services and content, along with our television crewing, satellite trucks, and stock video website,

Crew West at Super Bowl XVII

Jim Farrell and his team made their way to New Orleans along with one of our satellite trucks for Super Bowl XLVII. From the locker rooms, to Bourbon Street, to Beyonce\'s halftime show to the exciting conclusion, Crew West covered it all!

Dustin in Iceland

New photos and timelapse videos for Landscapes Vol. 3

Headed Into Summer 2012

The Spring projects continue to roll in for Crew West/Sat West taking us all over the Map from Austria to Texas to Lake Powell to California and back to Tucson. We also covered Arizona State Quarterback Brock Osweiler\'s NFL draft party, CBS\'s Brian Rooney at the State Capital and the Phoenix Coyotes playoff run.

2012 Spring Events

It\'s been a very busy Spring for Crew West/Sat West. From covering the Final Four in New Orleans, to NAB in Las Vegas, to being on assignment in Tucson with NBC, it has been a whirlwind of hard work, fun, and tragedy. We here at CW/SW roll with wherever the assignment and productions take us.

Spring Training Arizona 2012

Crew West and Sat West had a busy spring here in Arizona assisting both MLB Network and ESPN with their coverage of the Cactus League.

NFL Combine Training

ESPN hired us to do a two camera HD shoot covering the future of the NFL. Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson and Courtney Upshaw were some of the Athletes included.

Sekai Fushigi Hakken

The long running Japanese travel show \"Sekai Fushigi Hakken\" (Discover Wonders of the World) recently featured our own Dustin Farrell on a segment of the show.

We Do Big Productions Too!

CNBC needed a crew to put together a remote version of their show \"Closing Bell\" with Maria Bartiromo. Crew West and Sat West pulled off a three camera live show flawlessly. Everyone went home happy.

2011 Arizona Wallow Wildfire

As summer heat approached, in northeastern Arizona, the Wallow Wildfire erupted in the Apache National Forest. It grew to become the largest wildfire in AZ history as homes and structures were lost. Crew West and Sat West were there for network coverage as the fire grew and firefighters worked to save nearby towns.

NFL Draft 2011

Although the NFL Lockout loomed on, the 2011 NFL Draft still proceeded with many eager college stars waiting to take the next step. Crew West and Sat West were given the oppurtunity to witness Brooks Reed, Defensive End from University of Arizona, be drafted in the second round to the Houston Texans.

ESPN Spring Training Baseball Express \'11

In 2011 ESPN began its annual tour of baseball spring training in the Cactus League. Crew West traveled all over the Phoenix area covering a different team each day. With each day brought standups with Baseball Tonight analysts John Kruk and Tim Kurkjian, interviews with players and coaches and plenty of fun.

Hot and Cold in the Winter

When winter approached, Crew West & Sat West got to taste both sides. CW DP Dustin Farrell traveled to a sunny Mexico for Royal Park Hotel. Dustin utilized his Canon 5D to crew motion controlled timelapses of the luxurious properties. However, DP Jim Farrell tasted the bitterness of winter in Pittsburgh as he worked the AFC Championship. Finally, Sat West provided uplink services to ESPN in wintry Dallas for Super Bowl XLV coverage.

Falling into Fall!

When the heat came down, crazy weather struck the small town of Bellemont and tornadoes ripped through the area. Crew West and Sat West were on scene to cover the aftermath and cleanup for its residents. NASA sought out CW & SW to display their new lunar habitats and rover through a media tour. Finally, election day came, and CW took to Vegas for the highly contested race of Reid vs Engle.

Heating Up in the Summer!

As the heat rose, Crew West & Sat West had no plans of slowing down. Sat Ops Manager Bob Eichenberger traveled to Bristol, CT and NYC to tout Sat West\'s new HD capabilities. Crew West took on the Phoenix Suns deep run into the playoffs for ESPN and the NBA. Finally, as SB 1070 and election day grew near, CW & SW worked with Fox News, CBS Evening News and on creating more political spots.

Past Escapades 1994 - 2011

For over 16 years we have been covering news and sports in the Southwest and in a few countries around the world! From Phoenix, AZ to Madrid, Spain, crews from Crew West have had a great time working for a myriad of clients. At a corporate shoot for PIng Golf or following ICE through the Arizona Desert, we bring years of experience to every shoot.