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2015 Cactus League

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

My experience as an intern for Crew West Inc. has been amazing thus far. Spring training is here and that means the ESPN is in town along with MLB Network and other networks covering the upcoming baseball season from different facilities across the valley. I’ve had the opportunity to attend shoots in a variety of different locations and see what it takes to produce a professional piece. It’s great to see so many different people from all over the country come together and collaborate so well and all in the name of baseball! It takes quite the team effort to set everything up and have it come together, even if it’s only for a couple hours . As a student, I am fortunate to have this opportunity to work with such dedicated professionals on a regular basis. It’s great to see what it’s like “behind the scenes” so to speak. There are so many talented people who team up and work together in a way that’s sort of effortless. Sports are one aspect of journalism that I am passionate about and the fact that I have this chance to be among some of the best is incredible. Whether it’s with a national network team or with my colleagues and peers, the experience is unbelievable. I get to be there in the action and be able to contribute to the process of conducting an important and essential piece of work. I hope the progress remains consistent as spring training continues!
-written by ASU intern Ariel Asermelly

ESPN Bus Tour 2015

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Cold early mornings gave light to an ESPN SportsCenter desk positioned on the Spring Training facilities of 10 out of the 15 teams whom participate in the Arizona Cactus League. Day 1 started in Scottsdale following the San Francisco Giants as they began preparing for the 2015 season and Day 10 ended in Surprise with the Kansas City Royals who faced off against the Texas Rangers for their first spring training game. As the ten day, ten team run commenced I soon found myself in the heart of the production action actively engaged. The experience not only taught me what is was like waking up before the rest of the world but what it takes for an ESPN production to go live from field (no pun intended). Unloading trucks full of equipment, building the SportsCenter desk, setting the HMIs and building 4×4, 6×6 and 12×12 silks were just a few of the hands-on experiences I was able to enjoy. The most rewarding aspect though gained from this experience was the ability to ask questions and to receive meaningful feedback in return from everyone on the crew and from ESPN. Here’s to many more early mornings and home runs.
-written by ASU intern Johnathan Rugg