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Satellink at ASU

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Fox Sports Net kicks off Pac-10 play in the Arizona State Sun Devil 2010 college football season against the Ducks of Oregon. Satellink West truck #1 with Mark MacKay onboard took care of the High Definition Broadcast, while truck #2 handled the Standard Definition back-up signal with Bob Eichenberger. Outside thermometer puts the temperature at 110 degrees in the shade at 4:30pm PDT, while both operators stay a chilly 72 degrees inside. Hopefully it will be in the 90’s by kick-off at 7:30, for the players sake, but it is not likely. Our HD kits in truck #1 contain Advent 5000 encoders and Sencore receivers to provide whatever HD or SD signal a client may desire. The kits can be moved to truck #2 whenever necessary. A Ranier multi-viewer comes with the kits to give the client and operator several views of the signal as it goes from camera, to truck, to the satellite, and back to the receiver onboard for complete confidence. Go Sun Devils!

Video Production Lighting Equipment

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Recently a good friend and colleague of Jim Farrell’s retired from CBS/NBC.  He has a lot of video production gear (in good shape) that is for sale if anyone is interested in buying.  Below is a list of all the items.  Please let me know if you would like a picture of an item sent to you or any other questions you may have.  Feel free to pass this list along to anyone you know that may be interested.  Thank you!

Arri 575w Head w/electronic ballast-AC

Arri 1200w Head w/electronic ballast-AC—sold

1 Sachler 20 tripod (one carbon fiber)—sold

1 Sachler Heavy tripod (on carbon fiber)

Ltm HMI 200w head w/AC & DC ballasts

Kino Flo 2 Bank head

Kino Flo 4 Bank head

Canon Wide Angle

Wide Angle Lens Adaptor

Century Stands 4-5’ w/grip arms

Century Stands 3-2’ w/grip arms

Mathew Stands 3 Roller

1 tripod w/boom (grip)

1 mini baby

1 15” Boom —sold

Avenger Stand

Assorted Silks/Rags/Frames

Assorted Photoflex

Grip Bag

4×4  Matte Box Filters (over 2 dozen)

There’s a ton of stuff back there that I have missed.  If you would like to come by and take a look, feel free!

NASA TV Desert Rats

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Sat West/Crew West traveled to the Black Lava Flow site (north of Flagstaff) this week.  Our satellite truck and video production crew were put to work battling heavy winds at the site.  Our video production team pulled through and delivered a splendid product!  This shoot was originally supposed to be an HD production but because we needed to hop to a C-Band satellite the client decided SD would be more appropriate for the local affiliates who were receiving our signal.  Check out some photos from the shoot.