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Crew West — the leader for network level High Definition (HD) television and production video crews in the southwest for over 20 years. We have many camera formats and talented videographers for your project or broadcast.

Crew West Emmy

We also offer two fully customized dual-path satellite trucks and a live uplink studio here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. We can do your two or three camera live production at a fraction of the cost with our hybrid satellite truck, eliminating the need for a separate production truck. See examples at our live video section.

Bloomberg Live Set

Crew West has become known worldwide for our amazing time-lapse videos. Give us a call for ANY of your timelapse needs. We also sell all of our videos on a rights managed basis. For more information on buying video, or photos, please call 888-444-2739

Crew West Red Epic

Crew West is the proud owner of a Red Epic digital cinema camera. At up to 5K resolution and 300 fps the Epic has become a staple in the high-end cinema and video industry. The Epic records to SSD cards in a raw codec. However, with the ability to add an external recorder we can also deliver 1080P Quicktime or XDCam files to our clients.

Crew West Red Epic

Football Interview Crew West is the largest HD field acquisition (ENG/EFP) company and satellite uplink facility in Arizona. We have the experience and dedication to excellence that makes the difference. Before you go anywhere else, take the time to check out who we are and view video examples of recent work.

Call our production coordinators 7 days a week to discuss your video production needs at 1-888-444-CREW (2739).
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Welcome to Satellink West


We offer satellite uplink trucks (now HD equipped) and fiber uplink services in the Southwest and Southeast! Satellink West’s dual path digital and analog ku band trucks have been employed by all of the major networks and various corporations. We also have a live fiber studio at our North Phoenix offices for your live shot or tape feed. See our satellite uplink services page for more details.



Subject: Phoenix Scenics

I feel as the teams were very smart in their documentation. There was a great mix of speeds [slowmo/normal] that made sense and have given us variety in the kinds of pieces we can do. So, overall, I feel as if your team was outstanding. They shot thinking about post production and putting together stories and options. We are about to head into edit mode, so if I get any feedback from our editor and we need more, or something else I will let you know. But of all the cities, I think your shoot went the smoothest and easiest. We have so much great stuff, I wish they would move the championship to AZ. Thank you to everyone for being the producers, directors and DPs!… and coordinators! You guys rocked it, and I will be recommending you all and calling again in the future. Very well done!!.

Thank you!! -Aimee



Subject: A Big Thank You
Hi guys

I’d like to say a big thank you for all your efforts over the last few weeks/months in making the shoot such a success and a pleasure to work on. I’ve been going through the timelapse DSLR footage and it’s looking stunning. We really landed on our feet hooking up with you guys. Professionalism and endeavour abounded. The long days just flew past in some of the most stunning landscapes of the world.

Thank you sincerely,



Subject: A shout out for Dustin

Great photographer – he knocked it out of the ballpark for us for the last two days. Fabulous attitude, great eye, shot stunning video for us the past two days. Thank you for booking him for us on this sleep deprived exhausting smoke filled story.